Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #1

I loved finding my avatar in my dog's likeness! Too cute! This will be a great tool for feedback from our teachers. Right now I'll be interested in finding out what they thought about the big move to STC.


  1. It wasn't bad at all! Communication was great, tempers didn't flare, and I didn't have to do any heavy lifting! I love the little yellow rolling crates. I also love how there is always air conditioning at the STC. The rats seemed a little sad to see us go, though . . .

  2. I concur with the communication! I think we knew everything there was to know as it was available--you can only do so much when working with other departments! I do wish that my favorite UH sunglasses hadn't "disappeared" when movers broke my pocket that was on the door. I found it in pieces on a book cart, along with my whistle and emergency binder, but never saw the sunglasses again. I tried to replace them from Sam Moon, but alas, they no longer carried that particular design. The A/C is much better (maybe because my window glass isn't 50 years old?) and quieter!

  3. Ellen:

    I had fun with my Avatar too. I am trying to complete my 11 Tools before the deadline. This appears to be an interesting way of communicating with other principals.